Elder seedling identification, Sambucus nigra

July 9, 2010

Elder seedling identification Sambucus nigra.

Elder, Sambucus nigra identification

Elder grow quickly and can become a big weed shrub, though they do produce an abundance of fruit for the birds in autumn. The Elder rely on birds to distribute their seeds and is why the Elder are spread wide and far.

It is difficult to identify what the plant by the cotyledons and even the first pair of true leaves. You can identify the Elder when they grow the pinata leaves which grow in oppositepais consisting of two, three or four pairs of broadly egg-shaped, serrated leaflets and terminal one.

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Tomato splitting and tomato blight identification

July 29, 2008
Tomato splitting due to irregular watering

Tomato splitting due to irregular watering

Growing healthy tomatoes

Growing healthy tomatoes

It’s important to keep your tomatoes continuously watered otherwise when the soil dries up, the tomato skins harden.

When the plant is watered again the tomato fruits can no longer swell properly due to the hardened skin and so the fruit splits. Fungal spores can then enter the wound and ruin the fruit.

Tomato blight

Tomato blight

 Tomato blight identification on tomato fruit

The tomatoes ripen in sunlight so it’s a good tip to cut away some of the leaves to allow the sunlight to reach the fruit. Removing some of the leaves will allow air to circulate and reduce the risk of fungal attack.

Tomato care. Picking off side shoots

Tomato care. Picking off side shoots

 Remove any shoots as they will be taking nutrients away from the ripening fuits.

Mulch around the base of the plant to help reduce water loss.

It’s the end of July and the first few of my tomatoes in the greenhouse have ripened.

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Now is the best time to plan your garden for the year ahead and we have the garden advice to help you.

February 20, 2008

Garden software PC & MAC find right plant right place

Garden software PC & MAC find right plant right place

Early in the year is the best time to plan your garden for the year ahead and we have the garden advice to help you.



We’ve designed an interactive plant advice plant database to help you select the plants for every aspect of your garden.

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Mobile plant identifier and interactive plant advice resource

December 19, 2007

Mobile plant identifier you can use on your palm top. Plant description and plant advice for 3,500 UK garden plants richly illustrated with 9,000 photographs. Runs on PDAs/phones with Windows Mobile 5.0 or later. The interactive Complete Gardens Plant Finder encyclopedia software helps you select the best plants for every aspect of your garden and season as well as identify and record plans whilst on the move . This mobile software is ideal for working in conjunction with the Complete Gardens CD-ROM which has the additional functions of adding & printing your notes plus keep a record of your plants lists. Find and identify plants quickly and easily whilst walking about by selecting any combination of Flower / leaf colour, month or season, soil type. aspect, height, Latin or common name. The garden software is a plant database and interactive encyclopaedia that does the searching and within seconds displays the plants that suits your requirements as well as function as a plant identifier. Plant aspect. Find plants for sun or shade, damp or dry, acid or alkaline soils Each plant is accompanied with a description, plant care advice plus stunning images to help identification and seasonal changes You can see Attributes at a glance, preferred aspect, preferred soil type, moisture level, period of interest, hardiness, growth rate, life cycle. leaf type, fragrance, primary & secondary flower and leaf colour, work involved, pruning period, planting period, after care, pH. This latest of the Award winning Complete Gardens products allows you the convenience to identify and record plants whilst away from the computer. The software simply slots in to a palm computer and away you go. Learn from the experts and get creative ideas whilst walking around gardens and shows. In association with Wildkey Ltd