Gardening is a growing investment

December 31, 2007

Gardening is a growing investmentIt is vital to select the right plants that will suit your garden soil.

Unsuitable plants will not thrive and could die, leaving you disappointed and a waste your money.

It is important to choose the right plants for the different aspects of your garden like areas that are in full sun, partial shade or full shade.

If you put a shade loving plant in full sun the leaves will shrivel up and the plant will eventually die. The same goes for sun loving plants, if you put a sun loving plant in shade it will either not flower at all or produce weak blossoms, the leaves won’t get sufficient light and the plant will become weak and also eventually die.

Some plants thrive in damp soils whereas others prefer well drained soil. It is therefore important to choose the right plants for the right place.


It is understandable that to some people find gardening daunting especially with the long Latin plant names.

To make things simple I’ve gathered together a talented team of authors and programmer to produce an interactive plant advice CD-ROM to help you find the right plants for your garden.

No longer do you need to spend hundreds of pounds on garden experts to suggest what you need to grow or waste money by buying unsuitable plants.

The interactive software allows you to select any combination of colour, soil type, aspect, month of interest, height and Latin or common name.

Within seconds the CD-ROM selects and displays the best plants to suit your needs and garden conditions.

It’s very easy to use regardless of your level of computer or gardening experience. Just move the mouse and click. It really can’t be quicker or simpler.

So for example you can select plants for spring by selecting either a month or several months Feb and March. Then select a flower and or leaf colour by clicking any colour on the colour bar i.e Pink.

The CD-ROM selects and displays all the Pink flowering plants in February and March.

To be more precise you can select Clay soil, Moist, Partial Shade, grows to a height of 1m, with red flowers in June. The CD displays plants to suit your needs within seconds.

With this basic information you are able to plan and design a beautiful garden using the right plants in the right place with the choice of colour and the height you require.

In addition to this each plant is accompanied with in-depth planting advice and the Latin names are explained in Layman’s terms.

You are able to make visual lists of ‘plants I have’ and ‘plants I want’

The plant lists are linked to the Calendar which reminds you what you have in any month and when and how to prune your plants so they cared for correctly and produce healthy new growth with fabulous flowers and healthy foliage.

With the visual garden planner you can start to choose plants and create continuous colour and interest and well as combination planting using foliage plants for texture combined with flowering plants and shrubs.

We have added garden styles designed to give you some inspiration with the plants listed. It’s possible to print the lists and take these with you to the Garden Centre.

Each plant is accompanied with stunning images to help identification and seasonal changes plus Pests and Diseases and Propagation advice.

Link to independant specialist Nurseries or suppliers. Free Garden Forum to share your qustions and answers

With the CD-ROM you can find plants for the front to the back of the border and from spring through to winter.

So gardening doesn’t have to be daunting with easily accessible gardening advice from our Head Gardener on CD-ROM.

The Complete Gardens CD-ROM is the only Mac compatible software on the market. Compatible with OS X, Panther and Leopard

Compatible with PC Windows 2000, XP, Vista

It is important to check out garden software before you buy. Many are cheap imports from abroad. The glossy covers boast having thousands of plants yet many won’t be relevant for the UK gardener and the image quality if very poor and many plants won’t have images. One even has the much loved Geoff Hamilton on the cover yet he died in 1996 and had nothing to do with their software.


Best New Product Home & Gift Glee Garden Trade Show

Chris Beardshaw “This is the next best thing to having your own private gardener”

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine “A useful plant resource”

Top 5 Star rating by Computer Active and Computer Shopper when compared with other garden software.

The Times ”Startlingly lovely photography”


Mobile plant identifier and interactive plant advice resource

December 19, 2007

Mobile plant identifier you can use on your palm top. Plant description and plant advice for 3,500 UK garden plants richly illustrated with 9,000 photographs. Runs on PDAs/phones with Windows Mobile 5.0 or later. The interactive Complete Gardens Plant Finder encyclopedia software helps you select the best plants for every aspect of your garden and season as well as identify and record plans whilst on the move . This mobile software is ideal for working in conjunction with the Complete Gardens CD-ROM which has the additional functions of adding & printing your notes plus keep a record of your plants lists. Find and identify plants quickly and easily whilst walking about by selecting any combination of Flower / leaf colour, month or season, soil type. aspect, height, Latin or common name. The garden software is a plant database and interactive encyclopaedia that does the searching and within seconds displays the plants that suits your requirements as well as function as a plant identifier. Plant aspect. Find plants for sun or shade, damp or dry, acid or alkaline soils Each plant is accompanied with a description, plant care advice plus stunning images to help identification and seasonal changes You can see Attributes at a glance, preferred aspect, preferred soil type, moisture level, period of interest, hardiness, growth rate, life cycle. leaf type, fragrance, primary & secondary flower and leaf colour, work involved, pruning period, planting period, after care, pH. This latest of the Award winning Complete Gardens products allows you the convenience to identify and record plants whilst away from the computer. The software simply slots in to a palm computer and away you go. Learn from the experts and get creative ideas whilst walking around gardens and shows. In association with Wildkey Ltd

Helping garden wildlife. Feeding the birds

December 19, 2007
Garden bird feederGardens are essential sanctuaries for wildlife.
To help birds through the cold winter period they need to know where they can find a regular supply of nourishing food and clean water.
A seed mix is ideal for many birds. It is essential that the seeds are kept dry and I suggest you look for a feeder with a roof to keep the rain off. Water will make the seeds go soggy and turn mouldy. Fruit such as apples can be hung from a wire where the birds can feed in safety and also keep the fruit out of reach of rats.
Fat balls are also very nutritious and are a favourite for tits and robins.  
To attract birds to your garden you need to start putting out food in November before the frosts arrive in order that the birds can learn where they can find food and that it’s safe to feed.
Putting out food will also attract rats and squirrels. You need to choose feeders that are rat and squirrel proof. Wire bird feeders are good.

SPORK. Innovative British design garden tool

December 18, 2007

spork. Half spade half fork combinationInnovative garden tool.

The spork. Half spade half fork the spork is an ingenious two in one garden tool.

Designed by Oxford engineer Robert Todd.

This light weight but very tough blade can be used for general digging. The 75cm long wooden handle is suitable for both men and women and make light work of digging.

The blade has an ingenious cutting edge for cutting through roots, slicing turf, trims lawn and border edges and slices through heavy clay. 

The blade has gaps which reduces the weight, also the surface area is less and doesn’t become so heavily clogged in heavy soils making digging a laborious back-breaking chore. The blade can riddle soils like a fork.

The triangular pointed teeth can make easy work of weeds in a gravel path as well as raking for seed drills.

This nifty garden tool can be used for digging in the garden as well as making light work of digging and planting vegetables in the allotment.

The SPORK blade is easily sharpened to keep a true edge throughout its long working life.

Robert has also produced the SPRAKE and smaller hand working garden tools in much the same ingenious design.

Plant Finder and pruning guide encyclopaedia CD-ROM

December 13, 2007

Plant Finder encyclopedia CD-ROM 

Home gardening.

To assist garden enthusiasts to find the right plants to suit their garden conditions, Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd has designed and produced a British made interactive Plant Finder encyclopaedia CD-ROM.

Finding the right plants is so quick and easy.

Planting ideas

The British made software is designed to select and display only the plants to suit your needs.

You simply move the mouse and choose any combination of flower / leaf colour, the aspect from full sun to shade, the month or period of interest, your soil type, moisture level, height or name.

The computer selects and displays the best plants within seconds. This saves hours searching through books and the Internet.

Gardening tips

Not all plants will grow in certain soils or aspect, so selecting the ones that will thrive in your garden is an important factor. Being able to select the right plants for shade or those that prefer full sun will save money and allow you to choose plants to create a garden with seasonal colour and interest.

Each plant is plant is accompanied with in-depth description, planting advice, propagation, garden pests and diseases.

Garden design ideas

Knowing when plants are in flower or have attractive leaves, berries, bark etc. allows you to find the right plants to design a garden of your dreams.

Garden planner.

It is possible to make visual plant lists which links to the Calendar. Keep a record of the ‘Plants I have’ and ‘Plants I want’. You can see which plants are in flower and choose companion plants to accompany them. You can also select new plants so that when plants finish flowering you can find others to create a continuation of colour in the flower border.

You can select plants by height and choose plants for the front of the border and select others for the middle or back of the border.

Add your own printable notes with images

Garden styles.

The CD-ROM has garden design ideas and styles created by garden experts. The plants are named so that you can print the list and take it with you to find the plants in the Garden Centre. There is a link to specialist nurseries and suppliers if your local Garden Centre doesn’t stock the plants

Find garden plants for all seasons

You can find winter flowering plants as easy as finding plants for spring, summer or autumn colour.

There are lists of plants for garden designs ranging from Japanese garden design, plants to suit a small urban garden and  plants used to create an English garden design.

Garden plant advice 

Each plant is accompanied with illustrated pruning advice so you’ll know precisely how to prune your plants from apple tree to how to prune knockout roses or clematis.

We’ve added 200 drought tolerant plants to cope with recent climate changes

We’ve hundreds of plants to attract wildlife including over 600 to attract butterflies.

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PC compatible including Vista

Mac OS X compatible including Leopard