I’ve added demos to show how rightplants4me.co.uk can help you identify plants and plant information

December 3, 2012

I’ve added demos to show how my interative plant identifier and pruning guide website works. This link will take you to the Articles section where I have various demos wesite is How to use rightplants4me.co.uk works.

Find plants for spring height aspect






The website is free to browse. However if you want to subscribe you can make visual plant lists ‘Plants I have’ and Plants I want’, plus you can add notes and print them with images. I hope this proves useful to Garden Designers, students and garden enthusiasts alike.

When you link to the demo the opening image will be fussy. This is because I’ve added linked from Youtube but I ca reassure you that the wesite is clear and sharp.

Each plant is accompanied with in-depth description, planting and pruning advice, images and some plants have time lapse sequences attached.

I hope you find the website useful. If you have images of plants that you’d like added to the site then please feel free to contact me neil@complete-gardens.co.uk. Together we can make the site grow into a comprehensive plant identification website.

Best wishes


The site

Right Plants 4 me. Free garden plant advice website

March 19, 2012

A year on and we’ve added and improved the www.rightplants4me.co.uk website.

It’s easy to find and identify garden plants as well as wildflowers and weeds.

Simply select plants by their name, flower and or leaf colour, period of interest, height, aspect and soil type.

You can nor make plants lists. (1) Plants I Have and (2) Plants I want

This is useful when designing your garden to have year round colour and interest.

You can print your plants I want lists and take it with you to the Garden Centre.

Plants I have shows you which plants you have in any chosen month AND it will also let you know which plants you have in any month that need pruning PLUS how to prune them correctly.

You can add your own personal note to any plant. I don’t like labels so I keep a record of my plants and where they are in the garden. This is very useful because for example Clematis look very similar when dormant, with my notes and reminder when to prune my plants I know exactly which Clematis needs pruning, where it is and how to prune it. Some need hard pruning becuase they flower on this years new growth whereas some flower on old wood.

Here is an Iris with a note added

I’ve added time lapses of plants growing and flowers opening. They show some of the fascinating growth and design.

I hope you fine the site useful.

I want to build the site so I’m keen to meet photographers and authors to help the site GROW.

Although the site has UK flowering and planting times, it won’t take too much work to make it specific for the US and European countries. Please let me know if this is of interest.

Best wishes


Elder seedling identification, Sambucus nigra

July 9, 2010

Elder seedling identification Sambucus nigra.

Elder, Sambucus nigra identification

Elder grow quickly and can become a big weed shrub, though they do produce an abundance of fruit for the birds in autumn. The Elder rely on birds to distribute their seeds and is why the Elder are spread wide and far.

It is difficult to identify what the plant by the cotyledons and even the first pair of true leaves. You can identify the Elder when they grow the pinata leaves which grow in oppositepais consisting of two, three or four pairs of broadly egg-shaped, serrated leaflets and terminal one.

Images Copyright Neil Bromhall. www.rightplants4me.co.uk

For in interactive plant database to help with plant identification where you can select by Latin or common name, colour, height, month etc. and accompanied with 9,000 images please see www.complete-gardens.co.uk

Limited Edition. Garden plant advice software for your garden and design – discount

October 8, 2008
Multi list 3,500 garden plant advice encyclopaedia CD-ROM. PC compatible

Limited Edition. Multi list 3,500 garden plant advice encyclopaedia CD-ROM. PC compatible

Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd have produced a British made, MAC & PC compatible multi list, interactive plant advice encyclopaedia CD-ROM.

However, the manufacturers left off the MAC compatible database and so they had to burn a new batch.

This means that we have stock of a perfectly working PC only version of our multi list 3,500 garden plant encyclopaedia CD-ROM.

BUT, we can’t sell this in shops as the cover says PC & MAC compatible.

This means we can sell this PC only version at a discount directly to customers.

Instead of the normal rrp £49.95 we can offer this Limited Edition PC version for only £30.00

We are not selling this on the www.complete-gardens.co.uk web site.

To order your copy, please contact the Director, Neil Bromhall on 01865 512561 or email neil@complete-gardens.co.uk

For information about the Complete Gardens interactive plant database CD-ROMs, please see the Garden Software section.

Balcony plants. Interactive plant database with photographs

August 15, 2008
Balcony plants

Balcony plants

If you want to know  which plants can be grown on a balcony, the Complete Gardens plant finder, advice and pruning guide can help.

We have several hundred plants on our interactive plant database to help you choose the best ones for you. Each plant on the CD-ROm is accompanied with high resolution images plus accompanying plant care advice.

On a trip to France I was very impressed by this block of flats. In the large troughs they have shrubs growing hapily.