Bee houses. Sales are up

December 23, 2008
I’m glad about the sales in bee houses as I’m particularly concerned about the plight of the bees. There is no doubt that the bees are on the decline.
I sell bee houses because they provide a safe habitat to breed and they are made in the UK using FSC wood.
I do make a few bob out of the sales to cover expenses but the income is not my objective whereas helping the bees is.
Dr Who mentioned the disappearance of bees in the 21st Century, as well as did the Wildlife Gardening program with Chris Beardshaw where they quote Einstein saying that with no bees the human race will die out.
A pressing thought yet there are things we can do to help, provide nectar plants for bees and provide nesting places for them to breed.
I was recently told by a Environmental Biologist that bees are finding it harder to locate flowers due to the lack of scent caused by pollution.
The sooner they bring in Hydrogen powered cars the better. The emission being H2O = water. That sounds like a very good idea.