rightplants4me. New search functions on plant finder and plant identification website

December 14, 2011

We have added a quicker and easier way to search for plants in our www.rightplants4me.co.uk website. Rightplants4me is an easy to navigate website designed to help you find the right plants for the right place and assist you to create and colourful garden with seasonal colour and interest and will help you with your garden design.

Searching for the right plants to suit your garden and design is very simple

You can hover over the ‘next pages’ to see which is the first plant on that page. This makes it so much easier to navigate from plants further down the alphabetical order.

It’s now possible to add plant lists ‘Plants I want’ and Plants I have’

Make plants lists with images of the plants


and add printable notes with images.

You can keep records of the plants you have and add notes to the plants. This is useful when the plants are dormant and you forget what the pant is or know where it is and importantly be reminded which of your plants need pruning and how to do it.


You can make a shopping lists by making ‘Plants I want ‘. Print the list with Latin , common name and an image. When you’ve bought your plants you simply move them into your ‘Plants I have List’.

Each plant is accompanied with full description,plant care, pruning advice with illustrations and pest and diseases. Some plants have time-lapse sequences to reveal the fascinating private life of plants and their wonderful design.


The site is free to navigate . If you want to option to add notes and make plant lists we do charge a small subscription fee. The fees goes into adding and improving the site.

If you have images of plants that are not in our database please contact neil@complete-gardens.co.uk as we’d love to add plants to make the site more useful.

Best wishes