Now is the best time to plan your garden for the year ahead and we have the garden advice to help you.

Garden software PC & MAC find right plant right place

Garden software PC & MAC find right plant right place

Early in the year is the best time to plan your garden for the year ahead and we have the garden advice to help you.



We’ve designed an interactive plant advice plant database to help you select the plants for every aspect of your garden.

Simply select the soil type and aspect i.e. full sun, partial / dappled shade, or full shade, then with a simple click on the search button the CD-Rom finds and displays the plants to suit your requirements. You can narrow down your search by selecting a flower and or leaf colour, height, Latin or common name.

The software was originally designed for the garden novice yet Garden Designers and Garden Design students have found it extremely useful in there work where the individual clients and gardens have their own special needs. The Interactive plant database saves time and effort searching through books or the internet.

Each plant has plant description and pruning advice. Complete Garden software. Plant description and plant care

The Complete Gardens software CD-ROM has been designed for the UK gardener in mind, though it has been found useful as far north as Norway as far south and New Zealand as far west as America and east as far as Russia.

Add your own records and print with images and make your own plant lists and print with images. Complete Gardens CD-ROM. Garden advice software add your notes and make plant lists

We have produced a streamable garden software version for people to try if they live out side of the UK or prefer this to buying a CD-ROM

The Complete Gardens CD-ROM is both PC & MAC compatible containing 3,500 UK plants with 9,000 photographs.

Amazon are doing a special discount rate so we suggest that if you’re looking for a bargain them please have a look at Beware of other third party sellers other than Complete Gardens as I can’t guarentee if they are genuine suppliers. If Amazon run out of stock as they do on numerous occasions then please see Complete Gardens as a stockist though Amazon charge £3.50 for p&p but the Complete Gardens web site is inclusive of p&p.

The streamable garden software is only available on the Complete Gardens web site.

We have also developed the software to work on a hand held unit such as a Blackberry. Again this portable garden software is only available via the Complete Gardens website – software.

We hope you find the interactive plant finder, garden advice software useful and will help you create a beautiful garden design of your dreams.

There is a free help line see web site

Free garden forum where you can put your questions and images of plants for identification.


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