Rose pruning time-lapse

March 31, 2009

Rose pruning.

I’ve filmed a short sequence to show  what happens to a bud when you prune a rose branch.

Basically you prune to get rid of any weak or diseased branches, to encourage healthy new growth and to keep the plants size and shape in check

Plants have  evolved to be ‘pruned’ by herbivores grazing on them.

Being nibbled stimulates new growth.

In most gardens we don’t have herbivores  to graze our plants so we need to prune them instead.

I have made an interactive plant finder, identifier and pruning guide web site. which I hope you find interesting.

It has over 4,000 garden plants, 11,000 photographs plus time lapse sequences and each plant has in-depth plant care and illustrated pruning advice.

The plant database is continuing to grow.  If you have good quality photographs of plants not already on the database I’d love to hear from you with an interest of adding it to the collection.

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