Garden Plant identification and pruning guide website

April 23, 2011

I’ve produced a garden plant identification and pruning guide website. It’s Free to browse

You can search for plants by any combination of Latin or common name, months, height,aspect etc.

it’s very easy to navigate. Just enter your search requirements, press search, and the best plants to suit your needs appear as thumbnail images.

Click on an image and you open up the plant description, illustrated pruning advice, pests and diseases plus I’ve added some time-lapses to accompany some plants. In most cases we’ve explained what the Latin names mean.

There are over 3,600 UK garden plants and over 10,000 images

The plant selection covers many different types of plants from annuals to vegetables and trees plus wildflowers and weeds.

The site is still in developments so we’re adding new functions and information over the next months and years.

We are looking for contributors with images and plant expertise. If you can help please contact

Pea hypogeal germination underground time lapse

November 16, 2010

Here is a time lapse I made to show hypogeal germination.

The pea germinating underground and growing was filmed over a period of about 6 weeks.

Filmed by Neil Bromhall

I’ve made a British interactive plant finder and pruning guide CD-ROM. The software is designed to help you find the right plants for the right place and easy to use.  PC & MAC compatible

For further information please see my web site

I have also made an on-line version interactive plant finder, identifier and pruning guide web site. which I hope you find interesting.

It has over 3,700 garden plants, 10,000 photographs plus time lapse sequences and each plant has in-depth plant care and illustrated pruning advice.

The plant database is continuing to grow.  If you have good quality photographs of garden plants that are not not already on the database I’d like to hear from you with an interest of adding it to the collection.

Contact me on

Time-lapse of flowers and plants by Neil Bromhall

September 12, 2009

I add my time-lapses of plants, vegetables, flowers etc. to Youtube. I hope you find the different flower shapes and designs interesting.

I think that the artichoke flower fascinating.

Filmed for my interactive plant finder, identification and pruning guide website