Streaming Garden advice

December 5, 2007

I am delighted that our STREAMING software option is proving a big success in North America. In less than three month a third of our sales are now generated using this streaming method. I think our customers realise, not only can the plant data be used on PC’s using XP anywhere, anytime, by streaming it, they have the additional benefit of costing less than a conventional CD-ROM with it’s postal charges and associated carbon costs – which is high on most peoples lists right now.

One major advantage for our potential customers is the option to trial the software to satisfy themselves of the content. 95% of customers have then gone on sign up to the 12 month licence.

We do not purport that this British made software will suit every temperature zone around the World so giving a trial option allows anyone to test the full 2,700 plant version with 7,200 high quality images for 24hrs to satisfy themselves that the plant data and contents suits their needs.
It was very encouraging to see that the majority of the plants used in the  Chelsea Garden Flower Show gardens are included on our latest plant database with images and plant care & pruning advice.
Gardening is to be enjoyed whatever the level of experience and age. Our  streamable PC  garden software is really user-friendly and will provide the information required to inspire people to make their own colourful and interesting Garden of Eden and have a lot of fun along the way.

The Streaming Technology has been developed by Endeavors Technology in the US