Eyed hawk-moth ‘Smerinthus ocellata’ caterpillar identification

September 11, 2012

Eyed hawk-moth ‘Smerinthus ocellata’. The caterpillar can be considered by some as a garden pest as it eats the leaves of the genus malus – Apple trees

Smerinthus ocellata the Eyed hawk-moth caterpillar

The Eyed Hawk Moth ‘Smerinthus ocellata’ is considered a garden pest as the caterpillars eat the leaves of apple trees.

'Smerinthus ocellata' Eyed hawk-moth caterpillar eating on apple leaves

Eyed Hawk Moth ‘Smerinthus ocellata’ caterpillar eating on apple leaves

'Smerinthus ocellata' Eyed hawk-moth in defensive pose

The Eyed Hawk Moth ‘Smerinthus ocellata’ will hang down in a camouflage pose. Maybe the pose is to imitate a curled leaf.

'Smerinthus ocellata' Eyed hawk-moth caterpillar in defensive pose

When disturbed the caterpillar will hang down from the branch in a defensive or camouflage post.

I’ve added these photographs to help with identification and to accompany my interactive plant identification, garden pest and pruning guide website www.rightplants4me.co.uk

Photography by Neil Bromhall

Photographed September 2012