Miniature Rose Pruning

July 17, 2008
Pruning miniature rose

Pruning miniature rose


Miniature roses need minimal pruning other than maintenance pruning.

Flowers are produced mainly on the current season’s growth, so our aim is to get a rose with healthy well-balanced new growth.


February – March. Cut out any weak and diseased wood.
Cut back strong stems to about 10 to 15 cm.

Any very vigorous shoots growing from the base can be removed completely.


June  and July, dead-head to encourage flower production.



Renewal / rejuvenation pruning.
February – March. Cut back 1/3 of old shoots almost to the base.

Repeat for rest of old shoots over next 2 or 3 years.

This method of removing old wood and encouraging new growth should gradually rejuvenate your rose and replace old unproductive wood with new healthy growth.

Extract taken from Complete garden plant advice and pruning guide CD-ROM

Flower identification guide

January 26, 2008
Mobile & CD-ROM plant identification guide 
The Complete gardens team have developed a mobile flower identification guide that works on a ‘blackberry’ hand held unit.
This nifty garden software allows the user to identify plants and flowers whilst out and about, for example when they are enjoying the stunning show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show or Hampton Court Flower Show, RHS Wisley gardens etc. It is possible to identify plants from annuals, perennials, shrubs as well as trees by simply selecting any combination of flower or leaf colour, height, flowering period, leaf type, Latin or common name.
By being able to identifying and record the plants seen in spectacular gardens, designed by top Garden Designers, gives any garden enthusiasts or would be gardener, whatever their level of experience to be able to create a garden style using the right plants to create stylesfrom a small low maintenance garden design to a Japanese garden style with delicate use of Acers, or larger landscape gardening to a colourful English cottage garden flower display
The portable software used in conjunction with the PC and MAC compatible award winning Complete Gardens plant database, not only with the user be able to use the plant finder software to find the right plants, it also has gardening tips and illustrated pruning advice to keep the plants looking their best. Plant lists and personal notes can be printed with images.
The portable software used in a ‘Blackberry’  means there are not heavy books to carry around and the PC & MAC compatible CD-ROM has the additional features.
A perfect combination and a special garden gift Ideal for garden design students, Garden Designers and for home use.
The portable software and CD-ROM have 3,500 plants and 9,000 high quality photographs
We have a new dedicated Mac Leopard universal garden software version with the same plant finder and pruning tips as above at an introductory £10.00 off offer.