Keeping your garden interesting isn’t difficult or expensive if you choose the right plants.

June 18, 2008

Adding colour and texture plants will keep your garden looking interesting at different times of the year and individual. It’s not difficult or expensive; it’s just knowing which plants to choose.

Ideally gardens should have some plants of interest at different times of the year rather than have a splash of colour in spring and then not much for the rest of the year.

There are so many plants to choose from which suit every colour, height, aspect and season.


I use shrubs to give my garden year round shape and colour and then position plants which come into flower, leaf colour, bark, berry or texture to add interest at intervals throughout the year.


Some plants are small plants for the front of the border like the viola ‘Bowles Black and iris reticulata ‘Pixie’

small plant with black flowers



small spring flower


Some have colourful flowers like the Arisaema colourful flower or the Aloe Aloe


Some have leaf colour like this Acer Attractive leaves 

Some add texture Cordyline australis

Plants for the shade

Plants to attract butterflies Echinacea

Deep ‘blacks’ to dainty whites Black flowers   Dainty white flowers


I’ve designed a simple MAC & PC garden plant CD-Rom to help you find plants by colour, aspect, height and month to suit every garden aspect and seasonal need.

It’s not expensive and can help you create a beautiful garden using the right plants to suit your garden conditions. The latest garden software version has 3,500 plants and over 9,000 photographs. Each plant is accompanied with plant care and illustrated pruning advice.