Right Plants 4 me. Free garden plant advice website

March 19, 2012

A year on and we’ve added and improved the www.rightplants4me.co.uk website.

It’s easy to find and identify garden plants as well as wildflowers and weeds.

Simply select plants by their name, flower and or leaf colour, period of interest, height, aspect and soil type.

You can nor make plants lists. (1) Plants I Have and (2) Plants I want

This is useful when designing your garden to have year round colour and interest.

You can print your plants I want lists and take it with you to the Garden Centre.

Plants I have shows you which plants you have in any chosen month AND it will also let you know which plants you have in any month that need pruning PLUS how to prune them correctly.

You can add your own personal note to any plant. I don’t like labels so I keep a record of my plants and where they are in the garden. This is very useful because for example Clematis look very similar when dormant, with my notes and reminder when to prune my plants I know exactly which Clematis needs pruning, where it is and how to prune it. Some need hard pruning becuase they flower on this years new growth whereas some flower on old wood.

Here is an Iris with a note added

I’ve added time lapses of plants growing and flowers opening. They show some of the fascinating growth and design.

I hope you fine the site useful.

I want to build the site so I’m keen to meet photographers and authors to help the site GROW.

Although the site has UK flowering and planting times, it won’t take too much work to make it specific for the US and European countries. Please let me know if this is of interest.

Best wishes


Gardening gifts with a difference

September 27, 2008

If you’re looking for gardening gifts with a difference, Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd have a range of interactive planting advice CD-ROMs that help you choose the right plants for the right place and season.

Examples of the Spork gardening tools

Examples of the Spork gardening tools. Hand spork.

Spork garden tools. Multi tasking tools for digging, planting, weeding and edging

Solitary bee house for masonr and leaf cutter bees

Solitary bee house for masonry and leaf cutter bees

Habitats for our garden birds, hedgehogs, frogs and bees. Made from FSC wood. Bird nest boxes and hedgehog houses and frog house bee house, provide save havens for nesting and hibernation.

Tom tits inside a nest box feeding chicks

Tom tits inside a nest box feeding chicks

Wildlife surveillance cameras for watch the fascinating secret wildlife in our gardens. Bird nest boxes alow you to observe the birds inside the best with disturbing them spring watch in your own home. Wildlife study camera for watching foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and all the other wildlife you didn’t know lived in your garden

SPORK. Innovative British design garden tool

December 18, 2007

spork. Half spade half fork combinationInnovative garden tool.

The spork. Half spade half fork the spork is an ingenious two in one garden tool.

Designed by Oxford engineer Robert Todd.

This light weight but very tough blade can be used for general digging. The 75cm long wooden handle is suitable for both men and women and make light work of digging.

The blade has an ingenious cutting edge for cutting through roots, slicing turf, trims lawn and border edges and slices through heavy clay. 

The blade has gaps which reduces the weight, also the surface area is less and doesn’t become so heavily clogged in heavy soils making digging a laborious back-breaking chore. The blade can riddle soils like a fork.

The triangular pointed teeth can make easy work of weeds in a gravel path as well as raking for seed drills.

This nifty garden tool can be used for digging in the garden as well as making light work of digging and planting vegetables in the allotment.

The SPORK blade is easily sharpened to keep a true edge throughout its long working life.

Robert has also produced the SPRAKE and smaller hand working garden tools in much the same ingenious design.