Limited Edition. Garden plant advice software for your garden and design – discount

October 8, 2008
Multi list 3,500 garden plant advice encyclopaedia CD-ROM. PC compatible

Limited Edition. Multi list 3,500 garden plant advice encyclopaedia CD-ROM. PC compatible

Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd have produced a British made, MAC & PC compatible multi list, interactive plant advice encyclopaedia CD-ROM.

However, the manufacturers left off the MAC compatible database and so they had to burn a new batch.

This means that we have stock of a perfectly working PC only version of our multi list 3,500 garden plant encyclopaedia CD-ROM.

BUT, we can’t sell this in shops as the cover says PC & MAC compatible.

This means we can sell this PC only version at a discount directly to customers.

Instead of the normal rrp £49.95 we can offer this Limited Edition PC version for only £30.00

We are not selling this on the web site.

To order your copy, please contact the Director, Neil Bromhall on 01865 512561 or email

For information about the Complete Gardens interactive plant database CD-ROMs, please see the Garden Software section.

Launching our latest garden software at Chelsea Flower Show 2008

May 8, 2008

We had a successful Chelsea Flower Show last year and hope to do even better this year with our 3,500 garden plant selector and pruning guide encyclopaedia, multi plant list version CD-ROM. PC & MAC compatible.

Plant selector and pruning guide CD-ROM


The online garden web sites continue to grow. The major sites being the RHS and BBC though one major criticism I’ve heard is they are very slow.

That’s not surprising considering the amount of data and images to be uploaded.


I’m delighted that another advantage of our plant selector & pruning guide CD-ROM is it’s not influenced by download time and will therefore find and display the plants and data you want within a few seconds.


Although our first garden software was initially designed for the garden novice wanting to find plants to suit their garden, as we’ve increased the plant database we’ve attracted the interest from garden Designers and Garden Design students who need to find suitable plants for a wide range of garden conditions and garden styles.

The Complete gardens CD-ROM does this for them, effortlessly.

By popular request we’ve made a multi plant list version, which allows the user to make as many plant lists with relevant notes as they require. The user can print the lists with images for each of their clients.

Home users can make multi lists for the various parts of their garden.



We will be launching the 3,500 plant multi plant list version at Chelsea Flower Show 20th May – 24th May on stand EA 34.

I’d be delighted to demonstrate how our PC & MAC compatible garden software works.