Exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show

May 18, 2008

Plant advice CD-ROMI’m just off to set up my stand at the Chelsea Flower Show.  I’ll be on East Avenue stand 34

If anyone is going please come and say hello and I’d be delighted to show you how my British made garden advice CD-ROM works. Our garden siftware work on both PC & MACs and has 3,500 UK garden plants with 9,000 photographs.

We are launching our multi list plant finder and pruning guide CD-ROM.

The interactive garden plant advice CD-ROM is designed to help garden enthusiasts of all levels of experience to find and select the plants to suit every aspect of a garden and seasonal needs.

We want to support British grown plants so have links from plants on the Complete Gardens CD-ROM to some specialist UK plant nurseries.

The list is added daily so if you you are a plant nursery and want you plants added please contact neil@complete-gardens.co.uk or see the website link

Our Cd’s are not stocked by some large garden centre chains as they want a monoply and don’t like that I link to other nurseries. 

I thinkcustomer choice is important so I’ll continue to be proudly independent, even though this means not being stocked by them.

You can however buy my British made plant advice CD-ROM on my website www.complete-gardens.co.uk

Launching our latest garden software at Chelsea Flower Show 2008

May 8, 2008

We had a successful Chelsea Flower Show last year and hope to do even better this year with our 3,500 garden plant selector and pruning guide encyclopaedia, multi plant list version CD-ROM. PC & MAC compatible.

Plant selector and pruning guide CD-ROM


The online garden web sites continue to grow. The major sites being the RHS and BBC though one major criticism I’ve heard is they are very slow.

That’s not surprising considering the amount of data and images to be uploaded.


I’m delighted that another advantage of our plant selector & pruning guide CD-ROM is it’s not influenced by download time and will therefore find and display the plants and data you want within a few seconds.


Although our first garden software was initially designed for the garden novice wanting to find plants to suit their garden, as we’ve increased the plant database we’ve attracted the interest from garden Designers and Garden Design students who need to find suitable plants for a wide range of garden conditions and garden styles.

The Complete gardens CD-ROM does this for them, effortlessly.

By popular request we’ve made a multi plant list version, which allows the user to make as many plant lists with relevant notes as they require. The user can print the lists with images for each of their clients.

Home users can make multi lists for the various parts of their garden.



We will be launching the 3,500 plant multi plant list version at Chelsea Flower Show 20th May – 24th May on stand EA 34.

I’d be delighted to demonstrate how our PC & MAC compatible garden software works.

Garden advice software compatible for Mac Leopard

January 8, 2008
Interactive plant finder & pruning guide CD-ROM for Mac Leopard
Gardening advice software for Mac Leopard, http://www.complete-gardens.co.uk/shop/shop-gardening-product.php?id=77
Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd has launched in January 2008 it’s latest Mac Leopard compatible garden software.
The interactive garden advice software works in exactly the same way as before where you simply select any combination of colour, height, month aspect, soil type or name and the best plants are displayed within seconds.
Complete Gardens made the Leopard compatible version for the Apple Stores who insisted that in order to stock our gardening advice product we’d need it to be Universal.
This we’ve done and it works beautifully.
The plant database contains 3,500 UK garden plants, richly illustrated with over 9,000 stunning photography. Each plant is accompanied with planting and illustrated pruning advice.
Make visual plant lists and print with images
Add notes and print with images
The Calendar plants lists show ‘Plants I Have’ and ‘Plants I Want’ This enable you to plant a garden with plants and colours to suit your needs and you’re reminded when your plants need pruning and how to do it.
The interactive plant selector & pruning guide encyclopaedia will help garden enthusiasts whatever their level of experience to find the right plants to create your own beautiful garden.
Grow with confidence, plan a beautiful garden with year round colour & interest. Find plants for damp shady areas, container plants or scented climbers for the pagoda. There are plants for every aspect of your garden plus a wide choice of plants to attract wildlife plus over 600 drought tolerant plants to cope with recent climate changes.
Quick, easy and fun to use. save hours searching through books or the internet.
No installing required – Click the icon for immediate use.
System requirements 256Mb for good performance; Mac Leopard
This is the only British made Mac compatible garden software CD-ROM on the market.
Available through some Apple Stores
www.complete-gardens.co.uk    Special £10.00 web discount. Free Postage to UK & N. Ireland

Plant Finder and pruning guide encyclopaedia CD-ROM

December 13, 2007

Plant Finder encyclopedia CD-ROM 

Home gardening.

To assist garden enthusiasts to find the right plants to suit their garden conditions, Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd has designed and produced a British made interactive Plant Finder encyclopaedia CD-ROM.

Finding the right plants is so quick and easy.

Planting ideas

The British made software is designed to select and display only the plants to suit your needs.

You simply move the mouse and choose any combination of flower / leaf colour, the aspect from full sun to shade, the month or period of interest, your soil type, moisture level, height or name.

The computer selects and displays the best plants within seconds. This saves hours searching through books and the Internet.

Gardening tips

Not all plants will grow in certain soils or aspect, so selecting the ones that will thrive in your garden is an important factor. Being able to select the right plants for shade or those that prefer full sun will save money and allow you to choose plants to create a garden with seasonal colour and interest.

Each plant is plant is accompanied with in-depth description, planting advice, propagation, garden pests and diseases.

Garden design ideas

Knowing when plants are in flower or have attractive leaves, berries, bark etc. allows you to find the right plants to design a garden of your dreams.

Garden planner.

It is possible to make visual plant lists which links to the Calendar. Keep a record of the ‘Plants I have’ and ‘Plants I want’. You can see which plants are in flower and choose companion plants to accompany them. You can also select new plants so that when plants finish flowering you can find others to create a continuation of colour in the flower border.

You can select plants by height and choose plants for the front of the border and select others for the middle or back of the border.

Add your own printable notes with images

Garden styles.

The CD-ROM has garden design ideas and styles created by garden experts. The plants are named so that you can print the list and take it with you to find the plants in the Garden Centre. There is a link to specialist nurseries and suppliers if your local Garden Centre doesn’t stock the plants http://www.complete-gardens.co.uk/online/online-browse-plant-garden-suppliers.php

Find garden plants for all seasons

You can find winter flowering plants as easy as finding plants for spring, summer or autumn colour.

There are lists of plants for garden designs ranging from Japanese garden design, plants to suit a small urban garden and  plants used to create an English garden design.

Garden plant advice 

Each plant is accompanied with illustrated pruning advice so you’ll know precisely how to prune your plants from apple tree to how to prune knockout roses or clematis.

We’ve added 200 drought tolerant plants to cope with recent climate changes

We’ve hundreds of plants to attract wildlife including over 600 to attract butterflies.

For more information please see www.complete-gardens.co.uk

PC compatible including Vista

Mac OS X compatible including Leopard