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August 15, 2008
Free Garden AdviceForum

Free Garden AdviceForum

The Free Complete Gardens Advice Forum continues to grow.

Based in the UK and running since 2003, our friendly group of garden enthusaists can help answer a wide range of subjects from plant identification, growing vegetables, garden pests and diseases to tried and tested garden tools or even suggest nice gardens to visit.

The forum is free and easy to join.

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The leading contributors are awarded a free copy of the Award winning interactive garden advice and pruning guide CD-ROM as a ‘thank you’ for generously providing their time and expertise.

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If you want some interesting gardening ideas or advice then please feel free to join us.

SPORK. Innovative British design garden tool

December 18, 2007

spork. Half spade half fork combinationInnovative garden tool.

The spork. Half spade half fork the spork is an ingenious two in one garden tool.

Designed by Oxford engineer Robert Todd.

This light weight but very tough blade can be used for general digging. The 75cm long wooden handle is suitable for both men and women and make light work of digging.

The blade has an ingenious cutting edge for cutting through roots, slicing turf, trims lawn and border edges and slices through heavy clay. 

The blade has gaps which reduces the weight, also the surface area is less and doesn’t become so heavily clogged in heavy soils making digging a laborious back-breaking chore. The blade can riddle soils like a fork.

The triangular pointed teeth can make easy work of weeds in a gravel path as well as raking for seed drills.

This nifty garden tool can be used for digging in the garden as well as making light work of digging and planting vegetables in the allotment.

The SPORK blade is easily sharpened to keep a true edge throughout its long working life.

Robert has also produced the SPRAKE and smaller hand working garden tools in much the same ingenious design.