Complete Garden plant selector and pruning guide CD-ROM

December 5, 2007

Interactive plant selector and pruning guide CD-ROM 

Complete gardens plant finder & pruning guide encyclopeadia CD-ROM is designed to help garden enthusiasts, whatever their level of experience to find / select the right plants to suit the garden conditions and preferred choice of colour height etc.It’s very simple to use. You simply select any combination of colour, flowering month of interest, height, aspect like shade, partical or full sun, soil type and Latin or common name. Simply Click search and the best plants are displayed within seconds. This makes it fun as the gardening tips are easily accessible.

Used as a garden planner to create seasonal colour and interest and  for landscape design finding the right plants.

It’s simple to use, finds information quickly, the 9,000+ images helps identification and seasonal changes. 

Home and garden design

You can keep your records by make plants list ‘Plants I Have’ and ‘Plants I want’ 

The plant lists work with the Calendar so you can see the plants you have in any chosen month and be reminded when your plants need pruning in any month.

I’ve tried to add functions that a book can’t do, like Add notes and print with images, link to specialist plant suppliers (UK based at present) Sort plants like flowering climber by season so you can find climbers to grow over a fence or pagoda that flower at different times.

There are garden styles with the plants identified. You can print the plant list and take them to the garden centre so you can create your own garden design and style.