Copyright infringement. What can you do if your work is illegally copied to furnish another website

November 12, 2012

I’ve recently discovered that a website in Belgium has illegally copied my plant descriptions and plant care advice for of over 3,800 plants, to furninsh their website.

I think it’s an absolute disgrace.  It cost tens of thousands of pounds to pay Authors and years of work to gather this data.

They have not been very subtle in the way they have copied my work. They have copied the plant description (including spelling mistakes and typos), Latin names explained, aspect , height etc including the source codes and simply put the data on their site so people to sign up for their website and Apps. The Apps have my data as well.

Fortunately I have Copyright transfer contracts with the Authors going back to 2001, so there is no doubt the text belongs to me.

The website in Belgium knew it was going to take them years to gather enough useful data to get their sites up and running so they decided to copy it for free instead. I’ve instructed a specialist Copyright Solicitor to write to them and have my data and images removed.

I’m interested to know does anyone else have silmilar situations where people steal your work?

Some people might suggest it’s a compliment to have ones work copied, but I don’t agree. It’s just greed. They are earning money from my work and saved years of work in doing so.

The site in Belgium also make out that they are a .org company in the attempt to make out they are an organisation. They are just three computer programmers who want to make a quik buck / Euro.

My specialist Copyright Solicitor is in contact the Company so I will be more than happy to share my experience with others in the same situation and with luck we can make it expensive and difficult for lazy people from doing this to others.

UPDATE:- The Belgium company have now removed the data and images from their sites. No apology though.

If you want to see my geniune site with in-depth plant descriptions, height, spread, aspect, etc please visit  The site has over 3,800+ plants, mainly garden plants but also many other types such as weeds, trees, shrubs. Each plant has images to help with plant identification.

More plants are being added daily.

It’s free to browse but you can subscribe if you wan to be able to make plant lists and printable notes. I hope you find it useful.

The screen shot showing how you can search for plants.

Thank you

Best wishes


Rightplants4me is a new, free garden plant identification and pruning guide website

May 23, 2011 is a free website to help you find the right plants for every aspect of your garden, seasonal changes and garden design.

Searching for the right plants to suit your garden and design is very simple

Searching for the right plants to suit your garden and design is very simple

With over 3,900 plants and 10,500 photographs we cover plants from grasses to trees.

You can find and identify plants by selecting any combination of colour, month / season. aspect, spoil type, height, Latin or common name.

Each plant is accompanied with full plant description, planting advice plus pest and diseases.

The illustrated pruning advice shows you what to do

The time lapses shows how the plants grow and the intricate design of their flowers.

We are adding more plants daily. If you have plants you want adding please contact

The site is still growing and we’re adding new functions as and when we can.

I hope you find it useful.

Best wishes


Pea hypogeal germination underground time lapse

November 16, 2010

Here is a time lapse I made to show hypogeal germination.

The pea germinating underground and growing was filmed over a period of about 6 weeks.

Filmed by Neil Bromhall

I’ve made a British interactive plant finder and pruning guide CD-ROM. The software is designed to help you find the right plants for the right place and easy to use.  PC & MAC compatible

For further information please see my web site

I have also made an on-line version interactive plant finder, identifier and pruning guide web site. which I hope you find interesting.

It has over 3,700 garden plants, 10,000 photographs plus time lapse sequences and each plant has in-depth plant care and illustrated pruning advice.

The plant database is continuing to grow.  If you have good quality photographs of garden plants that are not not already on the database I’d like to hear from you with an interest of adding it to the collection.

Contact me on

Hazel seedling identification. Corylus avellana

July 7, 2010

Hazel seedling with roots


Plant identification. Hazel seedling. 

Corylus avellana. 

The first true rounded, serrated edged  leaves grow quickly 

The protective nut shell from where the Hazel germinated is still attached.
Hazel can be a bit of an unwanted weed shrub if the seedling is given the opportunity to take root. The seedlings are easy to pull up when small but will need digging up if the plant is more than a year or two old.

Hazel nut seedling and roots


Here is a time-lapse of the male hazel catkins. The small red female stigmas protrude from the bud. The pollen sticks to the ends of the stigmas and fertilises the plant.

Garden design

February 15, 2008

Your garden is a growing investmentEnglish cottage garden style plants

Gardening is an enjoyable hobby that can keep you fit, be creative, rewarding and can even make you money by adding value to your property. You don’t have to be a Garden Designer to create an attractive garden design.

What you need to know are a few basics and some gardening advice

* Which garden plants will suit your garden conditions?

* Which plant will grow in your soil?

* Which plants will grow in full sun, partial shade and full shade?

* When are the plants in flower or looking their best?

* How to look after them? 

Planning and designing a garden with seasonal colour, texture and interest is the fun, creative part and you can pay Garden Designers a lot of money for their garden advice. However, finding out which plants will suit your garden is available in books and magazines, although this can be quite time-consuming and laborious.

 Alternatively, if you have a computer, save time and effort by using an interactive garden plant finder and pruning guide CD-ROM which selects from your choice of colour, month, season, aspect, soil type, height and plant name, then a simple click of the mouse displays the plants to suit your needs. 

Only choose plants to suit your garden. If you have a small garden, select those plants that won’t out-grow your limited space. If you want a low maintenance garden select plants that don’t need a lot of pruning or feeding.

There are about 73,000 plants to choose from so there is no end to the fun you can have creating the garden design of your dreams.It’s quite a good idea to start your design by selecting plants to give your garden some structure.

Shrubs are good plants for this and come in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes. Check the height and spread of the shrubs before planting so that you don’t position them too close together.  

Climbers will add height and colour to your garden. You can select climbers that will flower early in the season and then select others to flower later in the year and maybe select some to have attractive autumn foliage.

Annuals will grow and flower in the same year and provide almost instant colour whilst the plants in your borders have time to grow and mature. Annuals can be bought as seedlings or easily grown from seed.

Grasses provide texture and movement in a garden and most can be cut back to ground level the following spring.

Don’t only choose a garden plant because it has an attractive flower. There are fabulous foliage plants to consider like ferns and hostas that love the shade areas of your garden and will reward you with luscious colour and texture.

A garden doesn’t just have to look attractive in the summer months. It is important to select plants for spring, summer autumn and winter.

You will be surprised at how many plants there are that have attractive flowers, berries and bark to liven up any cold grey winter days. 

Pruning is important as it keeps the plants in shape and encourages healthy new growth. Each plant on the CD-ROM has illustrated pruning advice and has a unique calendar plant list which reminds you not only the plants you have, but also when and how to prune your plants. Books can’t do this.

Propagation is very rewarding and satisfying because not only are you creating new plants but you’re also saving money.

Gardening can help you keep fit. Any gardener will tell you that digging and weeding provide a very good work-out.

An attractive garden is one to enjoy and is a growing investment because according to the Estate Agent Society, attractive gardens can add 20% to the value of a property.