Right Plants 4 me. Free garden plant advice website

March 19, 2012

A year on and we’ve added and improved the www.rightplants4me.co.uk website.

It’s easy to find and identify garden plants as well as wildflowers and weeds.

Simply select plants by their name, flower and or leaf colour, period of interest, height, aspect and soil type.

You can nor make plants lists. (1) Plants I Have and (2) Plants I want

This is useful when designing your garden to have year round colour and interest.

You can print your plants I want lists and take it with you to the Garden Centre.

Plants I have shows you which plants you have in any chosen month AND it will also let you know which plants you have in any month that need pruning PLUS how to prune them correctly.

You can add your own personal note to any plant. I don’t like labels so I keep a record of my plants and where they are in the garden. This is very useful because for example Clematis look very similar when dormant, with my notes and reminder when to prune my plants I know exactly which Clematis needs pruning, where it is and how to prune it. Some need hard pruning becuase they flower on this years new growth whereas some flower on old wood.

Here is an Iris with a note added

I’ve added time lapses of plants growing and flowers opening. They show some of the fascinating growth and design.

I hope you fine the site useful.

I want to build the site so I’m keen to meet photographers and authors to help the site GROW.

Although the site has UK flowering and planting times, it won’t take too much work to make it specific for the US and European countries. Please let me know if this is of interest.

Best wishes


Garden Plant Flower Power

January 24, 2008

Garden plant advice encyclopedia CD-ROMWe have the solution to finding the right plants in the right place so you can create a beautiful garden design of your dreams.
The basics are finding out what sort of garden conditions you have and then choosing the right plants that will suit the different areas of your garden plus your colour and season needs.
Not all plants will grow in certain conditions, so it’s important to find out which areas have full sun, partial shade and full shade
Sketch out a layout of your garden. It’s best to pick a sunny day and starting in the morning mark on your sketch the areas of the garden that have shade. Repeat the same in the middle of the day and again in late afternoon.
Finally you will end up with a sketch mapping the areas in your garden that have full sun, partial shade and full shade.
Plant will grow in all these aspects but knowing which will grow where can be daunting. However we have the solution to this problem. It’s an interactive plant finder resource that will find plants for shade within seconds as well as plants for full sun and plants that thrive in partial shade. 
It is important to mention that the season will effect the amount of light you’ll get in your garden so take this in to consideration. Autumn and winter periods have shorter daylight lengths so don’t worry if you’re only getting 4 hours of sun. The sun is lower in the sky so you’ll also have more shade than in the summer.
pH of your soil. You can find the pH of your soil by using a soil tester. These testing kits will show if you have an acid soil, a more neutral pH or an alkaline soil.
Soil types, Clay, sandy, silty peaty, chalky, loam http://www.eais.net/soil/
Again the interactive plant advice resource can select plants to suit every soil type.
You can improve your soil by digging it to aerate thus improving drainage, remove weeds plus digging in organic compost to enrich it.
With the soil prepared and you know which areas have full sun and shade you can now start the fun and creative stage of planning your garden with continuous colour and seasonal interest by selecting plant by month, aspect, colour, height.
This information is basically what you pay a lot of money to Garden Designers for. Doing it yourself means you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of pounds which you can then put towards buying more plants.
The Complete Garden plant finder and pruning guide CD-ROM is both PC & MAC compatible software. It’s an interactive home plant encyclopedia that will find just the right plants for every aspect of a garden and seasonal need, effortlessly. It’s a garden planner that will help you by providing gardening advice to enable you to design you own garden with your own garden design ideas to find suitable plants for small garden design to larger landscape garden design
The CD-ROM main features are, plant identification, plant care, pruning advice, make visual plant lists, reminds you when and how to prune your plants, Add and print notes, link to specialist plant suppliers, find plants by colour, height, name, soil and aspect, exclude poisonous plants, articles, plant names explianed, garden pests and diseases, free access to UK discussion advice forum


Gardening is a growing investment

December 31, 2007

Gardening is a growing investmentIt is vital to select the right plants that will suit your garden soil.

Unsuitable plants will not thrive and could die, leaving you disappointed and a waste your money.

It is important to choose the right plants for the different aspects of your garden like areas that are in full sun, partial shade or full shade.

If you put a shade loving plant in full sun the leaves will shrivel up and the plant will eventually die. The same goes for sun loving plants, if you put a sun loving plant in shade it will either not flower at all or produce weak blossoms, the leaves won’t get sufficient light and the plant will become weak and also eventually die.

Some plants thrive in damp soils whereas others prefer well drained soil. It is therefore important to choose the right plants for the right place.


It is understandable that to some people find gardening daunting especially with the long Latin plant names.

To make things simple I’ve gathered together a talented team of authors and programmer to produce an interactive plant advice CD-ROM to help you find the right plants for your garden.

No longer do you need to spend hundreds of pounds on garden experts to suggest what you need to grow or waste money by buying unsuitable plants.

The interactive software allows you to select any combination of colour, soil type, aspect, month of interest, height and Latin or common name.

Within seconds the CD-ROM selects and displays the best plants to suit your needs and garden conditions.

It’s very easy to use regardless of your level of computer or gardening experience. Just move the mouse and click. It really can’t be quicker or simpler.

So for example you can select plants for spring by selecting either a month or several months Feb and March. Then select a flower and or leaf colour by clicking any colour on the colour bar i.e Pink.

The CD-ROM selects and displays all the Pink flowering plants in February and March.

To be more precise you can select Clay soil, Moist, Partial Shade, grows to a height of 1m, with red flowers in June. The CD displays plants to suit your needs within seconds.

With this basic information you are able to plan and design a beautiful garden using the right plants in the right place with the choice of colour and the height you require.

In addition to this each plant is accompanied with in-depth planting advice and the Latin names are explained in Layman’s terms.

You are able to make visual lists of ‘plants I have’ and ‘plants I want’

The plant lists are linked to the Calendar which reminds you what you have in any month and when and how to prune your plants so they cared for correctly and produce healthy new growth with fabulous flowers and healthy foliage.

With the visual garden planner you can start to choose plants and create continuous colour and interest and well as combination planting using foliage plants for texture combined with flowering plants and shrubs.

We have added garden styles designed to give you some inspiration with the plants listed. It’s possible to print the lists and take these with you to the Garden Centre.

Each plant is accompanied with stunning images to help identification and seasonal changes plus Pests and Diseases and Propagation advice.

Link to independant specialist Nurseries or suppliers. Free Garden Forum to share your qustions and answers http://www.complete-gardens.co.uk/forum/

With the CD-ROM you can find plants for the front to the back of the border and from spring through to winter.

So gardening doesn’t have to be daunting with easily accessible gardening advice from our Head Gardener on CD-ROM.

The Complete Gardens CD-ROM is the only Mac compatible software on the market. Compatible with OS X, Panther and Leopard

Compatible with PC Windows 2000, XP, Vista

It is important to check out garden software before you buy. Many are cheap imports from abroad. The glossy covers boast having thousands of plants yet many won’t be relevant for the UK gardener and the image quality if very poor and many plants won’t have images. One even has the much loved Geoff Hamilton on the cover yet he died in 1996 and had nothing to do with their software.


Best New Product Home & Gift Glee Garden Trade Show

Chris Beardshaw “This is the next best thing to having your own private gardener”

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine “A useful plant resource”

Top 5 Star rating by Computer Active and Computer Shopper when compared with other garden software.

The Times ”Startlingly lovely photography”

Website www.complete-gardens.co.uk

Streaming Garden advice

December 5, 2007

I am delighted that our STREAMING software option is proving a big success in North America. In less than three month a third of our sales are now generated using this streaming method. I think our customers realise, not only can the plant data be used on PC’s using XP anywhere, anytime, by streaming it, they have the additional benefit of costing less than a conventional CD-ROM with it’s postal charges and associated carbon costs – which is high on most peoples lists right now.

One major advantage for our potential customers is the option to trial the software to satisfy themselves of the content. 95% of customers have then gone on sign up to the 12 month licence.

We do not purport that this British made software will suit every temperature zone around the World so giving a trial option allows anyone to test the full 2,700 plant version with 7,200 high quality images for 24hrs to satisfy themselves that the plant data and contents suits their needs.
It was very encouraging to see that the majority of the plants used in the  Chelsea Garden Flower Show gardens are included on our latest plant database with images and plant care & pruning advice.
Gardening is to be enjoyed whatever the level of experience and age. Our  streamable PC  garden software is really user-friendly and will provide the information required to inspire people to make their own colourful and interesting Garden of Eden and have a lot of fun along the way.

The Streaming Technology has been developed by Endeavors Technology in the US


Complete Garden plant selector and pruning guide CD-ROM

December 5, 2007

Interactive plant selector and pruning guide CD-ROM


Complete gardens plant finder & pruning guide encyclopeadia CD-ROM is designed to help garden enthusiasts, whatever their level of experience to find / select the right plants to suit the garden conditions and preferred choice of colour height etc.It’s very simple to use. You simply select any combination of colour, flowering month of interest, height, aspect like shade, partical or full sun, soil type and Latin or common name. Simply Click search and the best plants are displayed within seconds. This makes it fun as the gardening tips are easily accessible.

Used as a garden planner to create seasonal colour and interest and  for landscape design finding the right plants.

It’s simple to use, finds information quickly, the 9,000+ images helps identification and seasonal changes. 

Home and garden design

You can keep your records by make plants list ‘Plants I Have’ and ‘Plants I want’ 

The plant lists work with the Calendar so you can see the plants you have in any chosen month and be reminded when your plants need pruning in any month.

I’ve tried to add functions that a book can’t do, like Add notes and print with images, link to specialist plant suppliers (UK based at present) Sort plants like flowering climber by season so you can find climbers to grow over a fence or pagoda that flower at different times.

There are garden styles with the plants identified. You can print the plant list and take them to the garden centre so you can create your own garden design and style.