Helping garden birds. A bird bath and drinking hole

November 17, 2008
Dustbin lin bird bath with mud and leaves

Dustbin lid bird bath with mud and leaves

All animals need water and a very easy and cheap way to help our garden birds is to provide a safe birdbath where they can wash and drink.
Simply turn a plastic dustbin lid upside down. Add some mud and leaves and fill with clean water.
Place in a secure location where the lid won’t tip over
The birds will be able to have a good wash and drink in water which is not too deep or slippery. This is particularly important for chicks that have just left their nest and do not realise yet that they can’t land on water and can drown.
Adding a bit of mud will provide a good foothold for the birds as well as nesting material for Thrushes who line their nests with mud.
Hedgehogs will also visit your waterhole for a drink.
Watching the wildlife in your garden can be observed using a video camera linked to your home.