Garden Plant Finder encyclopedia CD-ROM audiovisual demo

I’ve made a British garden plant finder and pruning  guide CD-ROM.  PC & MAC compatible.

The CD-ROM is designed to help you find plants to suit every aspect of a garden so that you can create a colourful and interesting garden using the right plants to suit your design and garden conditions.

People often ask “Do I need to be a computer expert to use the CD-ROM?”

The answer is “It’s very easy to use” and to prove it I’ve made a demo. The demo is via Youtube so the image quality isn’t brilliant and not full screen, but I can assure you that the CD-ROM is full screen and the text and images are pin  sharp.

You insert the CD-ROM and it auto runs.

You just move the mouse to select plants by any combination of colour, height, month / season, aspect and Latin or common name. The best plants to suit your requirements are displayed within seconds.

Each plant has in-depth plant care and illustrated pruning advice

I hope you find the demo useful.

The CD-ROM can be ordered via my website

or through the RHS Wisley shop and their website

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