Gardening gifts with a difference

If you’re looking for gardening gifts with a difference, Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd have a range of interactive planting advice CD-ROMs that help you choose the right plants for the right place and season.

Examples of the Spork gardening tools

Examples of the Spork gardening tools. Hand spork.

Spork garden tools. Multi tasking tools for digging, planting, weeding and edging

Solitary bee house for masonr and leaf cutter bees

Solitary bee house for masonry and leaf cutter bees

Habitats for our garden birds, hedgehogs, frogs and bees. Made from FSC wood. Bird nest boxes and hedgehog houses and frog house bee house, provide save havens for nesting and hibernation.

Tom tits inside a nest box feeding chicks

Tom tits inside a nest box feeding chicks

Wildlife surveillance cameras for watch the fascinating secret wildlife in our gardens. Bird nest boxes alow you to observe the birds inside the best with disturbing them spring watch in your own home. Wildlife study camera for watching foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and all the other wildlife you didn’t know lived in your garden


2 Responses to Gardening gifts with a difference

  1. Janet Stich says:

    How do I order the Bee House?

  2. Dear Janet,
    If you click on the blue text which are links in the article that will take you to the relevant page on the website
    We only sell these SFC wooden products within the UK though.
    It’s too expensive to post abroad

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