Tomato blight on leaf

Early sign of tomato blight on leaf

The leaf shows the early signs of tomato blight.

Cut the infected leaves off and destroy.

Give your plants a uniform supply of water.

Do not over water then leave the plant dry for any period.


2 Responses to Tomato blight on leaf

  1. hillwards says:

    Hi I found this entry when trying to identify what was eating the lower leaves on our tomato plants, which show similar discolouration. Fearing blight, we rushed to cut off the affected leaves, but further investigation revealed that these markings actually indicate magnesium deficiency rather than anything more sinister. Spraying the foliage with epsom salts or seaweed feed every couple of weeks should help redress the balance. The problem can be made worse by modern tomato feeds which are apparently rich in phosphorus, which the plants take up in favour of magnesium. I realise this post is a couple of years old, but I hope this information is helpful!

  2. Rita J J says:

    Yes, it IS helpful! I, too, thought my tomato leaves were indicating blight but more accurately, it is a magnesium deficiency. I have cut off so many leaves, hoping to check whatever blight the tomatoes might have. P Allen Smith said, on one of his shows, to dissolve 2 TBL Epsom Salts to 1 gallon of water and pour this in the soil on every plant once a month! Well, I was remiss in doing so but am now a huge fan of Epsom Salts for the veggies and other plants.

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