Courgette blossom end rot

Courgette blossom end rot

Courgette blossom end rot

Advanced blossom end rot

Advanced blossom end rot

Courgettes can often fail due to wet weather conditions.

The reason is there aren’t as many insects around in wet conditions to pollinate the flowers and as a result the fruits fail to develop properly.

The flowers get damp and the resulting rot spreads into the fruit.

This is only a temporary problem and the crop will improve once the weather improves.

In poor wet conditions you can pollinate the female flowers rather than rely on insects to do it.

Dab the pollen from the male flower on to the female stigma. The female flower has a miniature fruit at it’s base.

After pollination and the baby courgette starts to grow, remove the old shrivelled-up flower to prevent blossom end rot, especially if the wet conditions continue.

Remove any spoilt fruit as they will be taking energy from the plant and other developing fruits. 

If grown in a greenhouse, open the windows and door to allow plenty of ventilation to circulate. And for insects to enter and leave.

Photography Neil Bromhall


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