Unbiased garden software reviews. How to weed out the bad titles

There are an increasing number of garden related software products and garden advice websites on the market – but how can you tell which ones are the ones to choose?

Some are genuine updated and improved titles. However, some are just repackaged and sold to the unsuspecting buyer. This is a disgrace and shold be exposed to prevent this hapening.

How can you find out which are good products and which are the bad ones to avoid?

The answer is:- Find independant, unbiased reviews.

 The Review Centre has reviews on all sorts of products, sent in by genuine users. To find garden software simply search for ‘garden software’ and a list of Titles will apear. You can read about independent garden software reviews and add your own review, if you’ve tried and tested any of the products.

Amazon has product reviews fromcustomers who have bought the Titles. To see the Complete Gardens reviews see garden advice software on Amazon

Garden Magazines and Computer / IT Magazines also do product reviews.

There all sorts of garden design software, landscape design, plant database, plant encyclopaedia to be found to suit your needs. Weed out the bad ones by doing a bit of research before hand and you’ll save yourself some money.

One Response to Unbiased garden software reviews. How to weed out the bad titles

  1. Jong Steifle says:

    Hi, Thank you for taking the time to put this info together here. Its rare we are complimented on our efforts online and I wanted to make sure you got credit for this!!


    Jong – Gardening Enthusiast

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