How to keep Deer off your plants

 Deer are coming into our gardens because we have such tasty plants for them to eat.


Deer are naturally cautious animals and don’t like objects that move as they could be predators. We can use this timid ness to keep deer out of our gardens and off our plants.


Sliver CD\'s tpo keep deer away  Hang old CD’s on a string so they spin in the wind. The spinning shiny objects will help scare the deer off entering your garden. Recycle ideas for old CD’s and tapes.


Use tape from old VHS tapes. Dismantle an old VHS casset and remove the tape. It’s very strong and can be tied to branches and posts. The movement like the spinning CD will make the deer wary of entering your garden. The tape will last for years (though can get tangled up and will need replacing)


Although expensive, a 7ft-8ft high wire fence will stop the deer hoping into your garden. Although expensive, the barrier will last for many years.

A dressed scarecrow with make the deer think that someone is in the garden and so they will stay away. It’s a good idea to move the scarecrow around the garden to keep the deer guessing. Even a deer will work out that the scarecrow is harmless if it stays in the same place month after month.



I’ve made a British garden plant advice CD-ROM which amongst the 3,500 UK garden plants it includes a list of 917 rabbit proof plants. I’ve made a list of deer proof plants on my website


Which garden software reviews to help you choose? There are some imported garden software that you’ll find in garden centres. Our Complete Gardens, British garden advice CD-ROM received top reviews. Complete Gardens CD-ROM

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