Rats in the compost bin

Rats are on the increaseRats numbers are increasing and becoming a real garden pest. This is because of the abundance of food.

What to put in the compost bin.

Don’t put food waste in your compost bin because it will encourage rats. Only put in garden waste like weeds, prunings and grass cuttings. The compost should get hot caused by decomposition and high temperatures are required to kill the weeds and seeds.

For food waste use a wormery. Rats can’t easily get in and the tiger worms will turn your food waste into compost.


3 Responses to Rats in the compost bin

  1. Geoff says:

    Have a look at composting with bokashi, left over food waste is pickled, not composted and can then be buried in the garden where it composts down really quickly

  2. Thank you for this. I’ll have a look in to it.

  3. I’ve started a wormery which the rats can’t get in to. A wormery allows the use of kitchen waste, which is great.

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