Spring flowering shrubs. Gardening ideas

Spring flowering shrun. Skimmia japonicaSpring flowering shrub. Rhododendron ‘Elisabeth Hobbie’Spring flowering shrun. Forsythia x intermediaSpring flowering shrub Camellia japonica ‘Elegans’Spring flowering shrub. Jasmin nudiflorumSpring flowering shrubs.

Here are some of my suggestions for spring flowering shrubs.

The Complete Gardens CD-ROM with 3,500 garden plants 9,000 photographs is an interactive plant selector and pruning guide encyclopaedia. Each plant is accompanied with description, plant care, photographs and illustrated pruning advice.

The CD-ROM is a visual plant database to help you find the right plants for your garden and help you with some gardening ideas, here are some examples of plants for spring colour.

Chaenomeles ‘Snow’

Jasmin nudiflorum

Camellia japonica ‘Elegans’


Forsythia x intermedia

Fothergilla major

Rhododendron ‘Elisabeth Hobbie’

Ribes sanguineum

Skimmia japonica

Image Copyright Neil Bromhall Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd


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