Garden Worms make healthy gardens and compost

Garden worm

Earthworms are essential underground workers in our garden.

They eat decaying plant material namely leaves, and are important to soil structure and fertility. Most earthworms emerge under the safety of darkness and feed on fallen plant material on the surface, and drag fallen leaves and other plant debris into their tunnels.

There are 16 species of earthworms and it’s the Tiger worm that is most commonly used in wormeries, as its activities speed up the composting process.

The wormcasts which appear in the beautiful lawn or gravel paths are what people least like.

Wormcasts consist of soil excretes after the worms have fed on organic matter. The best way to get rid of the wormcast is to wait until they dry out than then simply brush them away with a strong bristled brush.

It is illegal to kill worms intentionally.

You can get worms to turn your kitchen and other vegetable waste into beautiful compost by having a wormery.

For the best advice about wormeries have a look at Wiggly Wigglers who know everything there is to know about Wormeries as well as sell them.

You can see a time lapse of a wormery in the articles section of


2 Responses to Garden Worms make healthy gardens and compost

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Neil, Thanks for mentioning us here at Wiggly Wigglers. Your readers may be interested in a recent post that I did about wormery composting which they can find at


  2. Matt says:

    Wait, it’s illegal to intentionally kill worms? Where?

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