Home & Garden, Spring is in the air,

Spring is in the air, SnowdropSpring is in the air and soon we will be getting busy the garden again for the season ahead.

The evergreen shrubs have provided a touch of colour to the garden through the wet grey winter season but now the snowdrops are bringing the garden to life with their delicate nodding white flower heads. The Hellebore are also adding much neded colour.

Hellebore add colour in winter and spring

The buds on roses and clematis are showing signs of growth as well.

It will be soon time to start pruning them in order to get healthy new growth for the season ahead.

With the garden advice CD-ROM reminding me where each plant is in my garden I’ll know precisely what pruning technique each one needs and my notes will remind me where each one is (as they will all look alike at this stage). This is a great help especially with pruning my clematis, pruning fruiting trees and roses.

Some birds like the tits have found the nest boxes and are starting to protect their territory from intruders.

I have left the pampas grass fronds for the House Sparrows to line their nests. Using Pampas fronds is a learned behaviour as I learned when I was filming ‘The Secret Garden’ for the BBC. Not all House Sparrows with use pampas fronds but being social when they see one Sparrow doing it they all soon catch on to the idea.

The robin has claimed the bird feeders as his own and sees of anything that flies close though it’s a loosing battle with the large number of Tits, Dunnocks and Black birds all coming in to feed.

I did a test and the fat balls are the bird’s preferred food, followed by the loose seed mix flowed by the solid seed mix. The fat balls apparently have the added benefit as the fat oils their beaks.

I’ve raked the detritus from the lawn to allow light and put the moss under the hedges for the birds to find and line their nests. I don’t rake up all the leaves in autumn as the worms will take most of what I leave underground to feed on and this in turn feeds the grass rots.

If you have a small garden, here are some suggestions for Container Plants for spring

Jobs to do in the garden


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