Helping garden wildlife. Feeding the birds

Garden bird feederGardens are essential sanctuaries for wildlife.
To help birds through the cold winter period they need to know where they can find a regular supply of nourishing food and clean water.
A seed mix is ideal for many birds. It is essential that the seeds are kept dry and I suggest you look for a feeder with a roof to keep the rain off. Water will make the seeds go soggy and turn mouldy. Fruit such as apples can be hung from a wire where the birds can feed in safety and also keep the fruit out of reach of rats.
Fat balls are also very nutritious and are a favourite for tits and robins.  
To attract birds to your garden you need to start putting out food in November before the frosts arrive in order that the birds can learn where they can find food and that it’s safe to feed.
Putting out food will also attract rats and squirrels. You need to choose feeders that are rat and squirrel proof. Wire bird feeders are good.

2 Responses to Helping garden wildlife. Feeding the birds

  1. Don’t forget to throw a few of those apples around the garden as ground feeding birds tend to feel left out. If the apples are bought, throw a few of them around immediately as they may take a month or more to be actually ripe enough for the birds to eat. Blackbirds will certainly love you for this deed!

  2. When out shopping and thinking of buying ingredients for that Christmas cake, buy an extra large bag of dried fruit or dried raisins. Put a few handfuls in a measuring jug, fill the jug with water then leave overnight so that the fruit soaks up the water.

    Scatter (or if you’re an older grower ‘broadcast’) the fruit in small quantities in a quiet area of the garden.

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